Monday, May 4, 2015

The History Of The 13 Colonies

  1. Why were Europeans interested in coming to the "New World?"
  2. How would you compare and/or contrast the different colonial regions (New England, Middle, and Southern)? Think about each region's goods and services, their religious beliefs, and how they each interacted with the native people. 
Dear Readers, 

In my class, we're learning about the 13 colonies. My teacher wanted us to make a blog post, about the 13 colonies, what their goods and services, their religious beliefs, and how they each interfered with the native people. I hope you enjoy!

Massachusetts Bay

Rhode Island




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  3. LiveBinder
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Friday, February 6, 2015

My Understanding of Line Plots

Dear Readers, 
    Today i'm going to tell you my understanding of Line Plots (with fractions). Line plots are used to collect and organize data. If you were to collect how many minutes you studied, the best way to figure out this problem is to create a line plot. 
1). Gather up all your information 
2). If the denominators aren't the same, you have to find common denominators
3). After all your denominators are the same, create your line plot 
4). Number all your numbers on the line plot 
5). check them off one by one until you've checked them all
6). See how much you've collected 
7). You're finished!References: Learn Zillion, Nearpod, Study Jam,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Diary Entry 5: Too Late

Dear Nobel Diary,
              I'm writing to you as a ghost. It's pretty cool! just floating around, holding a pencil. It's amazing how I can still hold these things!
       I'm still in the basement. I haven't gone up to the deck yet. But last night I heard feet dancing around on the floor above me. Maybe they found land... I don't know. After this, I think I might go see.
         My body, laying on the ground... it's so sad to see me there. I had to pry this journal out of my own hands. No one came down to help me. No one... This won't be the last of what I have to say to them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Book Talk

Dear Readers,
    This is my book talk! 
      I would like to introduce you to the book...                 Things Not Seen. 
           Things Not Seen is about a 15 year old boy               named Bobby. 
                 Bobby woke one Tuesday morning, and                      looked in the mirror.                                                    He felt invisible... literally.
                             That's all I can tell you because                                 I don't want to spoil it!
                                   I can't wait to read more of                                        it!  
                                       If you like action and                                                  adventure, then I                                                         recommend this book                                                  for you! 

                                         A picture of the book!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Diary Entry 4: Dying Slowly

DeAr NObEll DDiARy,,,

        It iS Soo HArd TO wRiTE. I DyINg SLOwly. PaInFuL. I NeEd HAlp. ThE PaIn, THe PaIn GoOdBYe CrUeL WoRLd. EhHHh It HUrTs. 

                                                       Sa mAAnTh 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Diary Entry 3: Sick Day

Dear Nobel Diary, 

      Today was the worst day. I have found out that I may die in a few days because of my sickness on dysentery. But I have a little hope. I hope that I will get to live the rest of my short life and not die from dysentery. 
      I've been on this ship for six weeks, and the only other mariner aboard with a sickness, is my closest friend Perla. Both of the boys are "fine." At least...for now. 
    My fellow mariners say that I have to stay down in the basement until we find land, or until I get better. Which won't happen. They have locked me down here in the dark, leaky, basement. At least they give me food. Once a day. 
   But I've made a new friend. He's a rat named Harry. He loves to cuddle and he isn't one of those crazy ones. I love Harry and he loves me. 
        Hopefully, we find land soon.