Thursday, January 22, 2015

Diary Entry 5: Too Late

Dear Nobel Diary,
              I'm writing to you as a ghost. It's pretty cool! just floating around, holding a pencil. It's amazing how I can still hold these things!
       I'm still in the basement. I haven't gone up to the deck yet. But last night I heard feet dancing around on the floor above me. Maybe they found land... I don't know. After this, I think I might go see.
         My body, laying on the ground... it's so sad to see me there. I had to pry this journal out of my own hands. No one came down to help me. No one... This won't be the last of what I have to say to them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Book Talk

Dear Readers,
    This is my book talk! 
      I would like to introduce you to the book...                 Things Not Seen. 
           Things Not Seen is about a 15 year old boy               named Bobby. 
                 Bobby woke one Tuesday morning, and                      looked in the mirror.                                                    He felt invisible... literally.
                             That's all I can tell you because                                 I don't want to spoil it!
                                   I can't wait to read more of                                        it!  
                                       If you like action and                                                  adventure, then I                                                         recommend this book                                                  for you! 

                                         A picture of the book!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Diary Entry 4: Dying Slowly

DeAr NObEll DDiARy,,,

        It iS Soo HArd TO wRiTE. I DyINg SLOwly. PaInFuL. I NeEd HAlp. ThE PaIn, THe PaIn GoOdBYe CrUeL WoRLd. EhHHh It HUrTs. 

                                                       Sa mAAnTh 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Diary Entry 3: Sick Day

Dear Nobel Diary, 

      Today was the worst day. I have found out that I may die in a few days because of my sickness on dysentery. But I have a little hope. I hope that I will get to live the rest of my short life and not die from dysentery. 
      I've been on this ship for six weeks, and the only other mariner aboard with a sickness, is my closest friend Perla. Both of the boys are "fine." At least...for now. 
    My fellow mariners say that I have to stay down in the basement until we find land, or until I get better. Which won't happen. They have locked me down here in the dark, leaky, basement. At least they give me food. Once a day. 
   But I've made a new friend. He's a rat named Harry. He loves to cuddle and he isn't one of those crazy ones. I love Harry and he loves me. 
        Hopefully, we find land soon.